No one said being smart meant you have to be boring! School girl sex can still happen, even when you’re an adult student. A few weeks ago I started a very difficult international diplomacy class and the professor was very hard (in more ways than one). I was doing well in the class, but it wasn’t without a struggle.

Naturally I wore low cut tops like a school girl to show off my assets. It just didn’t seem to impress him. I did wear my prettiest frilly panties but I guess my skirt wasn’t short enough.But during one lecture he stopped at my desk and “accidentally” brushed himself against my arm, and I knew then that he was attracted to this shy little school girl.

His deep brown eyes were piercing my very soul as if we were the only two in the room and he was commanding me to stay after class. I had never felt this way before and nervously lingered after the lecture ended. He didn’t say a word to me; he simply locked the classroom door and drew all of the shades in the room. I slowly walked toward him in my plaid skirt and white silk blouse like a young inexperienced school girl, hesitantly wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders. He was a big man but I’d heard he still worked out daily and could tell by his body. His cologne was intoxicating.

He pulled me against him where I felt his hardness. He began to seduce me in a way I had never been by a younger man. Hands in places they should not have been. I say younger man, but my previous boyfriends were children compared to this man.

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