I was raised on a farm, and as you know, people in the country seem to mature a little faster. They often see “nature at work” so to speak and learn things before city ones might. I’ve always been curious, and took to masturbation early. It was always one of my favorite things to masturbate outside. I love  the sun and to feel it on my skin as I enjoyed myself. We had a large property, so I had little worry about being seen or caught.

One day however I was laying back leaning against a tree, rubbing my clit, making it all stiff, and feeling oh so good. Then I heard something and I looked up and saw one of the farm hands watching me. I don’t know why he was out where he was, but he stood there watching me in masturbation. He say me rub my fingers over my pussy, my cunt lips spread, my wetness glistening in the sun. I didn’t want to stop though, and I just continued on.  Soon he had taken his cock out and was stroking himself, less than ten feet away from me. I hadn’t seen anyone else  in masturbation before.  I was as transfixed on his cock as he was on my pussy.

He pumped it in his hand and I could see it standing straight up. It was such a beautiful sunny day, a nice breeze, warm, and here the two of were masturbating outside watching each other, it was a bit surreal, yet very sexy. I came first, rubbing my clit so fast my hand was a blur and it wasn’t long until his cum shot out of his cock and he whipped his dick back in his pants and he turned around without a word to me. He never mentioned it and neither did I, and I continued to enjoy myself out in the open, playing with my pussy whenever I felt the need to.